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Pitch Wars 2020

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Pitch Wars is a mentoring program that started in 2012 in which published or agented authors, editors or industry interns select a writer to mentor.

During the course of the mentorship, they read the mentee’s manuscript and offer advice and suggestions on how to make it better to show to an agent. The mentor also helps the mentee on their pitch as well as their query letter for the agent.

How it works: Writers send in their applications to four mentors they think best suits them. The mentors will then read through and select their mentee, after which both of them start working together for the next three months.

For more information, head on over to the Pitch Wars official website, where you can also find the schedule for the year.

Those of you who are interested can finish off that story you’ve been waiting to finish and sign up since mentee’s submissions open on 27th September. All the best and may the best mentee win!

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